Stealth Rotary Machine Review


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6 Performance

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Stealth Rotary Machine

I purchased this machine through E-Bay about three years ago for $100. I am not certain if it is the original “World Wide” brand. It is probably one of the most inexpensive rotary machines out there.  Since I have been using it for so long I figured it deserves a review!

Stroke consistency

This is a 2mm stroke with consistent depth, and allows no “give”. During the first year of use the machine remained pretty solid. The beginning of the second year I noticed a little wobble from left to right in the armature bar. There is about a .5mm gap between the frame where the armature bar is bolted and no way of adjusting this.


I don’t use this machine for shading. It’s pretty hard hitting when cranked up enough to put ink in. I think it has some trouble pushing the larger needle configurations. The 11mag I usually use to shade with ends up choppy and traumatizing to the skin.


3 and 5 round liners are decent with this machine.  Before the armature bar issue, I could run a 7 round pretty well.

Needle Depth

I give my needle bar a slight bend, and use diamond tips to add extra stabilization. The stealth is able to put in enough ink with a shallow needle depth.

Look and Sanitization

If the delorian were a tattoo machine it would look like the Stealth. Its not made out of any fancy metals, its blocky black, and has two rubber band guides sticking out of the sides. It is easy to clean and has an enclosed motor.


Very light machine weighing 3.5 oz. The Stealth is easy on the wrist especially with disposable tubes.


This machine defiantly has low vibration, compared to a coil machine. It is just not the lowest vibrating rotary.


There isn’t much one can do to maintain this machine. I just put a little oil on the baring once in a while. I did try to take the stealth apart, the only thing I can access is the back side connections to the motor. The motor is pretty inaccessible.

Customer Care

Since I purchased this machine on ebay and not the official site, I cannot make any claims concerning customer care.

Stealth Rotary Overview:

Machine Type: Stealth Rotary

Stroke: 2mm

Power Supply: Compatible with 8-18 volt DC tattoo machine power supply

Clip Cord: requires RCA to 1/4” jack

Tube & needle: Uses standard tubes and needle bars

Weight: 3.5 oz

Price: About $100

In The Box:

1 x Stealth Rotary Machine

Here is a tattoo I did entirely with this machine.

The Good:

  • Great machine to start out with, and start getting used to using rotary machines.
  • Easy to maintain because there is no tuneing involved
  • The stealth is very light weight and low vibration. You can enjoy a quiet session of tattooing.
  • Harder hitting machine good for lining with smaller needle configurations.
  • Seriously affordable!

The Bad:

  • Short life span of about 1.5 years of optimal operation.
  • Not very good with large needle configurations.
  •  Motor is inaccessible.
  • Doesn’t look like much.

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