Name Tattoos and You

Arguably the most common type of tattoo is that of someone’s name. It is also one of the most regretted types of tattoos that often gets removed. Name tattoos have been the subject of comedy for many years. From the classic Norman Rockwell painting of a man with all the names of his former girlfriends crossed out to modern sit-coms, all the humor underlies the seriousness of getting a name tattoo on your body.

Lifetime Investment

Putting someone’s name on your body means that it becomes a part of you. It means that anytime someone sees that name, they will be thinking of who that person is, their relationship to you, and if that relationship is still the same as it was when you got the tattoo. While it might be a nifty conversation starter, it may be that over time you do not want to talk about it anymore.

That is one of several reasons why you should think first before getting a name tattoo on your body.


It may be more than a coincidence, but it does seem like those who put the name of someone they love on their skin will break up with them at some point. The reason is probably the same as getting that new, expensive exercise bike that will force you to get into shape because you spent all that money. The same thinking is true for committing to a lifetime relationship by putting their name on your body.

It seldom works out for the best, but at least with the exercise bike you can sell it to someone who can use it. You cannot do the same with the tattoo. But you will be paying a considerable amount to have it removed from your skin.

The Right Reasons

Instead of putting the name of your sweetheart, considering the name of someone who will always mean the same to you no matter what. The two most popular names are those who have passed from this earth and your children.

Putting the name of someone special who is gone, such as your parents, sibling, or other relation is a great way to provide them a tribute that will last a lifetime. The other is your children who you will always love through thick and thin. Children are a part of you, which is why their names on your body stays with you.

Another good reason is to commemorate an event in your life, such as a great accomplishment or recognizing a tragedy that should never be forgotten. Such name tattoos can be quite powerful and show your recognition of past events that will always be with you.


Remember to think long and hard before putting a name on your skin that will be there for the rest of your life. Or at the very least, the cost it will be to have it removed. Name tattoos carry a special meaning, but they are also a long-term investment. So, be careful before you have one placed on your skin.

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