Are Finger Tattoos for Me?

Small tattoos on the fingers have become quite popular in recent years. They are small, fun, and come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Perhaps the most famous of all finger tattoos comes from the film, “The Night of the Hunter” where the preacher has “LOVE” on the fingers of his right hand and “HATE” on the fingers of his left hand.

While no one doubts the appeal of finger tattoos, they also have a few issues that you need to be aware before getting one.


Small: Because the fingers tend to be small, so too are the tattoos. This means that you spend less time at the tattoo parlor getting a finger tattoo compared to larger tattoos on other parts of the body. Of course, you can put a small tattoo anywhere,

Variety: There are a wide variety of designs you can choose from when getting finger tattoos. From letters to flowers to hearts or whatever you want, the finger provides enough space for you to get an imaginative tattoo. 

Tattoo Rings: It is true that you cannot lose a ring that is a tattoo, so there is a big advantage just in that. However, another advantage is that a traditional ring tattoo only goes part-way around the finger. You do not need to tattoo the underside for it to work.

However, finger tattoos are not without their problems, so you need to be aware before getting the first one.


Stings: Because there is little fat or muscle present in the fingers, getting a tattoo there will sting or hurt more than almost any other location. Your fingers are full of nerves and with the skin just covering the bones and knuckles, you are going to feel some pain.

No Intricate Designs: Because of the small space available, finger tattoos are not conducive to being intricate. This means that if you want to tattoo to work, it needs to be a simple design.

Fading: Finger tattoos tend to fade faster than tattoos on other parts of the body. There are different reasons for this, but the most common is the sun. The ultraviolet or UV rays of the sun will fade the ink used for tattoos. And since fingers are usually left uncovered, it means that the tattoos will often fade first.

Placement on the hand: If you look at the side of your hand you can see the difference between the skin from the bottom of the palm to the top part of your hand. The underside of the hand and fingers does not hold ink well at all and will likely fall out or only be half way there. People have different results with the side and bottom of the hand but typically they end up looking splotchy and unattractive.

When you add to this washing your hands and using your fingers to do a wide variety of tasks, the fading happens even faster.

Touching Up: More that almost any other location, a finger tattoo will need to be touched up from time to time. This means more time in the chair and more pain as the needle is reapplied to this sensitive area of the skin. You may end up spending more on a finger tattoo because many artists do not provide free touch ups for the finger tattoos.

The Artist: Not all tattooers will work on the fingers so keep in mind when choosing one. Be sure they are confident and that you can see some samples of healed work they have done.

If you are a perfectionist, cannot stand the pain from a tattoo needle, or want your tattoos to last forever without fading, then a finger tattoo is probably not for you. However, if you enjoy small designs that can be shown off, then you might consider getting one for your finger. You do not have to go all out, but the finger can be a nice place for simple designs that flatter your appearance. 

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