Popular Tattoos in Texas

If you live in Texas or your heart is in Texas, then getting a popular Texas-themed tattoo can show your love for the state. Everything may be bigger in Texas, but the tattoos you should consider can be small while showing off your Texas flair. What follows are a few examples of some of the most popular Texas-themed tattoos.



Next to longhorn cattle, this mammal is the most associated with the state. While armadillos can be found in several states in the south, Texas does seem to be their home. The bands of the armadillo symbolize peace, protection, and trust along with other beliefs. Armadillos are peaceful, but quite tough which also symbolizes the people of Texas. 



This beautiful desert flower is the official flower of Texas and most associated with the state. The bright colors, thin design, and attractive appearance when in full bloom makes this a popular choice. The bluebonnet can be combined with other designs, most notably the yellow rose which is commonly associated with Texas as well.



If your sense of humor runs towards the absurd, then the jackalope is a great Texas tattoo for you. A combination of rabbit and antelope, this mythical creature is often associated with Texas and makes a great tattoo for your arm or back. You can even put in the Texas colors and add a lone star to strengthen its association with the state.



When you seen the longhorns, you know you are seeing Texas. The shape of the longhorns is unmistakable, and they portray the history of Texas with is cowboy and cattle-wrangling past. You can see them proudly displayed at the University of Texas. Plus, the longhorns can be used alone or with other designs to make a unique tattoo that is all your own. The most common is the front of a luxury car which displays the horns prominently, but you can use them with many different designs.


Texas State Flag

Arguably the most popular and recognizable image associated with the state is the flag of Texas. It has the same colors as the US flag but offers the shape of Texas with the large star in the middle. It signifies the days when Texas was an independent republic and works well alone or with another design such as a cowboy hat. If you are not sure what type of Texas tattoo to get, this one is a great place to start.

There are many combinations of Texas tattoos that you can pull together to create a unique design. The lone star itself, which is often associated with the Dallas Cowboys, can be used with many different designs to signify your love of Texas. Also, southwest themes such as cactus or skulls of bulls with horns in the desert can be used as well.

For those who want to show off their pride in the Lone Star State, getting a Texas-themed tattoo can do the job. You can choose from several different designs to showcase your love for all things Texas.

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