For women who are looking to add tattoos to their bodies, it’s not just about the design; it’s also about the location. Where you put the tattoo is just as important as the design and appearance. You will need to think carefully about which part of your body is the best place to put a tattoo.

The location will be influenced in large part by the design and size of the tattoo. Plus, you will need to consider if you want the tattoo to be obvious or subtle, on the part of your body that is easy to see or only when you want others to see it. By pulling together all these factors, you can make the best-informed decision about where your tattoo should be placed.

What follows is some of the best places on your body to place a tattoo. Consider these areas first when you are planning to get a tattoo.

Thigh Area

The thigh is a great place for a tattoo if you don’t want it to be seen when at work. Plus, a sexy tattoo can make a strong impression for those who do see it. You have plenty of skin to work with in making a larger tattoo, so you’ll want to have a specific design in mind. It also helps that the skin tends to be thicker and less sensitive, at least on the outer areas of the thigh.



This is a popular place for tattoos because it can also remain hidden. Being near the breasts makes it more personal, and the right design can really augment your appearance when you want it to be seen. There is something exotic, yet safe when placing a tattoo on your sternum. However, the skin is quite thin and sensitive in this location. Expect to feel a considerable amount of pain if you choose a tattoo in this area of your body.


Rib Cage & Back

There are two good reasons why the rib cage is a great place for a tattoo. You have lots of space to work with, and for the most part the ribs remain hidden from view. Even large tattoos can remain hidden when at work, so you can feel comfortable in getting a sizable tattoo on the front or back of your rib cage area. However, this is also a place where the skin is thinner and it may be more painful compared to the arms or legs, so keep that in mind when thinking about getting a large tattoo.



If you are looking to get a small tattoo, then your fingers are an obvious place. The skin around the hands and fingers sloughs off faster than any other part of the body. A skilled artist must very carefully apply the ink in these places in order to make sure it stays in place. Touch ups are also commonly needed especially if the wearer isn’t very careful while the healing process. They are a perfect place for henna-type tattoos and simple designs. Too much detail in these areas might result in a smudged design later after years has passed so try to keep the design simple.



Sleeve tattoos are quite popular as well, going up and down the arms. However, they will be seen if you ever wear a short-sleeve shirt or blouse. Other areas to consider for small tattoos are the wrist and ankle which make for the perfect place if you want to accentuate the area.

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