The first impression that many have about the best time to get a tattoo is that the summer seems preferable since more skin is usually exposed. But that may be a false impression as tattoos in the winter are popular for a good reason. In fact, you may want to avoid getting tattoos in the summer and wait until the cooler weather of fall and winter.


Tattoos take time to form which means that they will go through an ugly stage. This is when the skin is peeling and there may be scabs as well. You can always cover the tattoo, but it is generally better to let your clothing do the job as opposed to bandages. By getting a tattoo during the wintertime, this will allow it to heal properly, so that by the time summer rolls around, it will be ready to show off.


A tattoo needs to heal properly if you are going to get the right look. The less your skin is exposed to the sun, the faster it will heal. This makes the cooler months of fall and winter more desirable, especially if the tattoo would otherwise be exposed during the warmer months of the summer. With the tattoo covered by clothing, it is less likely to become irritated. This is an important consideration as you want the first impression to be the best with your tattoo.


The most obvious reason that the fall and winter months are better is that the tattoo studio is generally more comfortable. In the summer, the heat from the outside may creep inside and make it more uncomfortable inside. It’s basically easier to keep the studio warm in the cooler months compared to cool in the hotter months. This makes it more comfortable for you and the tattoo artist.


Unlike getting tattoos in the summer, it may be easier to get an appointment during the winter months. This is because many people who get tattoos do so in the summertime. By waiting until the late fall and winter, it may be easier to book an appointment. This will depend on the tattoo artist you select. So, you should give them a call and find out when is the best time to make an appointment. Generally speaking, tattoo artists prefer to book more clients during the off-season.

There is one downside to getting a tattoo in the winter. Because people are indoors more often, this is a time when colds, flu, and viruses are more common. If you are suffering from an illness, that pulls away from your immune system which may cause the tattoo to take longer to heal. If you are considering a tattoo during this time of the year, then you’ll want to stay healthy.

The best time to get a tattoo is in the winter. The advantages of waiting until the cooler months will pay dividends if you are thinking about getting a tattoo. Tattoos in the winter offer advantages that you will enjoy compared to getting one in the summer.

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