What Suits You Best, Color or Black and Grey?

Understanding what you want in a tattoo often starts with the design. But what influences the appearance of all tattoos is the color or lack of color that is used. Basically, do you choose from a line of black grey tattoos or do you expand the pallet and go with color tattoos? The choice may be more difficult than you might think because a tattoo is meant for life. Understanding the benefits of both styles will help you make the best-informed decision.

Color Tattoos

The vibrancy of colors helps bring to life many tattoos and their striking designs. The introduction of colored inks has opened the door for a wide range of tattoos to be created. Some of the advantages that color brings to the tattoo you choose includes the following;

  • Closer to Reality
  • Great for Covering Up Older Tattoos
  • Easier to Remove

If you are looking to get a more vibrant image, then you’ll probably want a color tattoo. In the hands of a skilled tattoo artist, they can be quite lustrous and beautiful.

However, there are some issues with color tattoos that you need to be aware of before going ahead. For one thing, the color of your own skin will play a role in how well the tattoo shows up. You may find that the colors you want will not work as well. The bigger issue will be the fading as color tattoos are vulnerable to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and will fade fairly quickly as a result. This can also be avoided by using high SPF sun screen after the tattoo has healed.

Color tattoos may require more layering and packing, which means that depending on the sensitivity of the skin they can occasionally be more painful.

Choosing between black grey tattoos or color tattoos may be the most important choice you make when getting a design. Be sure to talk to the tattoo artist before starting a new tattoo to determine which is best for you.

Black Grey Tattoos

This is the classic version, the one that has been in use for many centuries if only because black and grey inks were the most common. But there are advantages to sticking to the basics for your tattoo, especially if you are going for a more elaborate design.

  • Wonderful on all skin tones
  • Resistant to Fading

The real plus is that black and grey inks are more resistant to fading from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. While they do fade, it is less noticeable compared to colored inks.

The downside is that you need to pick the right tattoo artist as it can tend to be more difficult work. Bringing to life a tattoo that is limited in color range requires considerable skill and talent. Plus, black ink is some of the most difficult to remove even with latest techniques. So, be prepared when getting black grey tattoos.

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