Am I Too Old for a Tattoo?

Although most people associate tattoos with youth, the truth is that you are never too old mentally, to get a tattoo. Tattoos have become more accepted in today’s society. In our town Katy, Texas of the USA, Police officers can have visible sleeve tattoos. Many doctors and lawyers are proudly exposing their body art. Tattoos might even be an up and coming status symbol. That’s because a thoughtful client finds a professional tattoo studio, chooses an artist who matches a similar style they are looking for.

Not only Americans but people all over the world are enjoying the self-expression and inspiration that tattoos bring to our culture and individuality. Just as any decision in life, when you are ready mentally it is important to make sure that it is the right choice for you physically.

The Condition of Skin

Keep in mind that healthy skin can hold ink the best. When dealing with more seasoned and aged skin it is important to understand that tattoo application and healing might take longer. If the elasticity in the skin is lacking, ink is more liable to spread and not heal as smoothly. Common factors such as, frequent sun exposure, psoriasis, scars and skin tags will subtract from the skins elasticity, even more so with age.

The Skin is The Largest Organ of The Body

Skin greatly reflects our own health condition and what is going on internally with our bodies. Assessment of the skin can take a roll in diagnosis of many ailments and diseases. When considering a tattoo at an older age or with known health problems, it is wise to seek a professional physicians advise. This will help with the choice of tattoo design.

What is Old Age?

The actual number of years to be considered old age, is a subjective topic. Some say old age can begin at late 30’s and others in the late 70’s. What really matters is you as an individual and how you are doing with your health.

New Tattoos for the Young and Old

The saying instantly comes to mind, “how are those tattoos going to look when your older?” My personal response would be, “if the rest of me looks like a shriveled ball sack, my tattoos might actually look a bit better!” Given you spent some time finding the right artist and investing in quality work. Tattoos can hide flaws in skin imperfections after we have experienced trauma like scaring and other discolorations. The key is that the application is a little more involved and you should be aware of each particular situation.

Tattoos can help hide imperfections but also cause more damage if you haven’t found the right artist. The right artist will be honest with you about what is realistic and what isn’t. Try not to be offended, as we are only keeping your best interest in mind. We want you to be showing off your new ink for at least the next 15 – forever years, in a happy and proud state of mind.

Best Tattoo Designs

When browsing tattoo designs on the internet keep in mind, many are freshly tattooed and after a few years of wear and tear the tattoo might look quickly aged. There are so many variables to take in account when choosing a design. Trust your artist.

If your skin has some “seasoning”, as I like to say, be mindful about the design you choose. Put some outlines on it! Outlines always hold up over time best and filled with color they look nicely vibrant and easy to enjoy.

The best tip as always for choosing a tattoo artist, leads back to doing your research and making sure their style of tattoo is what you love. Always be up front and honest about your current skin condition and any health issues. This will only help the entire outcome of the artwork.


Talk with your artist about options. This might range from choosing color to black and grey or detail to a more simplified version. Once you start asking you will get feedback, so try to keep an open mind. As professional tattoo artists, we only want to make you look and feel wonderful!

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